Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Too Late for Valentines

Sweetie Pie, delicious Drunken Red Velvet Cupcakes, these were our new creation for today!

A generous splash of Whiskey replaced the standard white wine vinegar in my version of this American classic cupcake, and they taste devine!  There goes another half stone on the hips!  The fluffy cream cheese topping has been finished with a dusting of cocoa and glitter with a sprinkling of freeze dried raspberries.

I made these the modern way using food colouring, but want to try them the traditional way using beetroot, I am guessing I can use a recipe something like carrot cake, replacing the carrots with beetroot and the spices with cocoa, but will experiment and see what I come up with, though we are really enjoying the whiskey tang in these little beauties!

Must work on some savoury recipes, really looking forward to moving into our new house, with the better kitchen to get experimenting at home!

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